2.1 Brownies Begins

Program Connections:
  • Key to Brownies
    • 1. Making a Promise
    • 3. Enrolling in Brownies
    • 4. Being a Brownie

    Before meeting

    • send an e-mail to parents reminding them of the first meeting, introductions, registration fees, forms requirements, weekly dues; confirm that everyone receives e-mail – if not, phone some parents.

    At meeting

    • collect registration fees, note chq numbers, write receipts, collect H1 and IR1 forms (assuming we have all A5R forms); have a form ready to mark off what has been received!

    On arrival

    • Girls receive a coloured sticker (coloured stars) when they arrive to sort them into circles. [have stickers and a list ready]
    • Circle 1 - red, Circle 2 - yellow, Circle 3 - blue, Circle 4 - green

      Gathering Activity (in their circles)

        • have the same coloured sticker on their circle boxes.
        • decorate name tags with Sharpies (note: our name tags this year are plastic rectangles cut from milk jugs, hole punched so a pin can go through)
        • we always have pencils and a gathering activity sheet in the boxes - this week we have a search and find from the Highlights for Kids website and a word search from the Promise Activity Book found on the GGC website (note that this link requires log-in to access the file).  (these activities were combined into a single pdf file, so that they could be printed - double-sided - to place in the boxes).


          • Brownie Song (in one big circle, with the toadstool and owl in the centre) {Key to Brownies 4B}
            • We’re the Brownies, here’s our aim. Lend a hand and play the game. (x2)

          Welcome / Introductions

            • Usually when we have opening, we will sing our “circle songs” and then the Brownie Song. Repeat the Brownie song so new girls can get to know it a bit better. We will decide on our circle group names next week.
            • Explain how opening works – every week record your own attendance and dues on the large chart, put your dues in the Brownie Gold toadstool (a piggie bank), go to your circle corner and work on an activity until opening. You are only in your “circle” for a short time at the beginning of the meeting, then we will all be together in a big group, except for some special activities.
            • Introduce leaders – we have Techno Owl, Snowy Owl, Magic Owl and Crafty Owl.
            • Explain that we wear uniforms in Brownies and they are expected to wear them every week. We will earn badges during our meetings, but there are more “interest” badges that you can work on at home.
            • Rules – Write up rules for the unit as we go through each key point of the Code of Conduct. 
              • Ask what an agreement is. Explain that it means that everyone understands something the same way.
              • Tell them that a Code of Conduct is a special kind of agreement about people having similar values about treating each other with respect. The Girl Guide Code of Conduct is an agreement is between Brownies, their Guiders, their parents, and everyone else involved in Guiding.
              • Ask them what a value is. Some possible answers are: Values tell us what is good, important, desirable or useful. Values are beliefs or ideas held by a group of people, like Brownies, and these ideas set expectations for the way everyone in that group will behave or act. A value can tell us what is right and what is wrong.
              • Each of the following ideas are the “keys” to the Code of Conduct. Ask the girls what each of them means:
            1. Respect: Make sure you to show respect for all people you meet in Guiding. Respect is shown through what you say (in person, on the phone and online), what you do and how you behave.
            2. Set an example: Remember that when you wear your uniform and when you are at Girl Guide events and activities, you represent Girl Guides of Canada. Make GGC proud by setting a positive example for the community.
            3. Safe Space: Everyone has an important role to play in making Guiding a safe space for all girls. You are a part of that too. It is your job to make careful choices in what you say, what you do and how you make others feel.
            4. Privacy: In Guiding, you can learn lots of personal information about the other girls and Guiders in your Unit, like phone numbers and personal and health problems. Keep personal information private unless necessary for someone’s safety.
            5. Care: Be careful with all the things and money belonging to your Unit and Girl Guides of Canada.
            6. Follow Canada’s Laws: This statement is very clear. Everyone must follow the law.
            7. Accepting: Even though we are all different, all people should be treated with the same respect and warmly welcomed in Girl Guides of Canada.
            8. Girl Guide (Brownie) Law: Girl Guides of Canada is a values-based organization. All Members live by the Promise and Law. To be a Member, you must agree to follow the rules of the organization.
            9. Duty: Work to the best of your ability and understand what you can and can’t do in your jobs for Girl Guides.
            10. Discrete: Don’t spread rumours about Girl Guides (don’t talk badly about Brownies or the people in it).
            • Make sure that the girls understand and can explain the importance of respecting each other, being a role model, demonstrating a safe space and being careful in the Brownie Unit.

            Active Game

            The Brownie Story {Key to Brownies 4A}

              • Read the story from the Brownie program book. Each girl will get a picture of something from the story to put up on a felt board as their item is mentioned in the story. Make a felt board with a large piece of felt stretched over a cardboard box or foam core board. Find pictures to suit your story on the internet. Print and laminate the pictures, then attach a piece of sandpaper to the back of each picture. The pictures will now stick to the felt board!


                • Promise bookmarks - cut into strips before the meeting.  We had the girls colour these, then we laminated them to take home.

                  Promise {Key to Brownies 1A,1B}

                    • Explain the promise, law, motto and sign. What does it mean to “do my best”?

                      Learn the Grand Howl {Key to Brownies 3E}

                        • The grand howl is a special way to welcome a guest or show appreciation to a helper.
                          • Gather in the Brownie Ring.
                          • Squat down, knees bent, arms between your legs with two fingers of each hand touching the floor.
                          • Say “Tu-whit, tu-whit, tu-whoo” softly. Rise a little and then return to the squatting position.
                          • Rise again a little higher and repeat, “Tu-whit, tu-whit, tu-whoo,” a little louder.Rise a third time, even higher. Say only “Tu-whit, tu-whit,” but louder. Then leap in the air and clap your hand above your head as you yell, “Tu-whoo”!

                        Brownie Closing

                            Now run along home,
                            And jump into bed
                            Say your prayers
                            Don't cover up your head.

                            The very same thing
                            I say unto you.
                            You dream of me,
                            And I'll dream of you.

                            • Sing the Brownie Closing Song {Key to Brownies 4B}
                              • O Lord our God. Thy children call. Grant us thy peace, and bless us all.
                              • Oh hear us now, your children call. Grant to us peace, and bless us all.