Brownie Aquarium Trip

Program Connections:
  • Key to the Living World Interest Badges
    • Saving Our Plants and Animals
    • Special Interest Badge


Our area organized a Brownie trip for 80 Brownies and 18 leaders to the Vancouver Aquarium for their sleepover program. We learned about endangered fish and other sea creatures, and thus earned our "Saving Our Plants and Animals" interest badge. We also learned A LOT more about the ocean, the Amazon and sea creatures, so we awarded the girls with the "Key to the Living World Special Interest badge", as well.

Here is a brief summary of our trip:

  1. Board the bus in Kelowna, BC at 8:30 AM.
  2. Drive to Hope, BC and stop at a park in town for lunch and to play at the playground.
  3. Drive to Vancouver, BC. Get dropped off in Gastown.
  4. Tour Gastown until our dinner reservation time at the Old Spaghetti Factory.
  5. After dinner, head for Canada Place to tour around some more until our bus pickup time. We took a walk on the Canada Trail while waiting.
  6. Take the bus to Stanley Park.
  7. Walk over to playground near the minature railway so the girls can play before we enter the Aquarium.
  8. Enter the Aquarium at about 9:00 PM.
  9. The aquarium sleepover program went until about 12:30 AM, with lights out finally at 1:20 AM (VERY late for Brownies!)
  10. Wake up early the next morning (6:45 AM), clean up, breakfast, tour the gallery for 45 minutes before catching the bus and heading for home at 9:00 AM.
  11. Stop in Hope, BC for lunch.
  12. Home to Kelowna by 5:00 PM (note: our route was longer than expected as we picked up girls in the south and took the Hope-Princeton route).