2.2 I Heard the Owl Call My Name

Program Connections:
  • Key to Brownies
    • 2. Getting to know you
    • 4. Being a Brownie

    Gathering Activity(in their circles)

      • Girls fill in attendance and dues chart as they arrive.
      • Always have a list of instructions for the girls to follow.  This week the instructions were:
        1. Did you bring dues today? Go put your dues into the Brownie Gold toadstool.
        2. Put a sticker on the attendance chart to show that you are here, and, if you brought dues, a sticker for every dollar ($1) that you brought.
        3. At your circle, do Two Stars and a Wish.
        4. Work on the owl activity sheet until Opening.
      • Two stars and a wish sheets (2 per sheet)
      • Owl activity sheet (2 per sheet & double sided.  Originally found at billybear4kids and printables4kids.)


        • Brownie Song (in one big circle, with the toadstool and owl in the centre) {Key to Brownies 4B}
          • We’re the Brownies, here’s our aim. Lend a hand and play the game. (x2)


          • Talk about the different Circle emblems (to vote next week)
          • Blue is either Elves or Nymphs
            • Elves are small mischievous beings.
              “This is what we do as Elves, Think of others, not ourselves.”
            • Nymphs are water spirits.
              “Nymphs love water bright and blue, Smiling, playing, helping, too.”
          • Yellow is either Fairies or Lares (pronounced lah’rays)
            • Fairies are clever and playful
              “We’re the Fairies shining bright, Trying hard to do what’s right.”
            • Lares are household spirits, similar to the helpful German Brownie.
              “Now you watch the Lares working, Playing, singing, never shirking.”
          • Red is either Kelpies or Leprechauns
            • Kelpies are water spirits.
              “We’re the happy, friendly Kelpies, Smart and quick and ready helpers.”
            • Leprechauns are mischievous and often guard treasure.
              “Happy Leprechauns are we, Helping friends and family.”
          • Green is either Pixies or Sprites.
            • Pixies are playful and mischievous.
              “Look! We are the jolly Pixies, Helping people when in fixes.”
            • Sprites are nimble water spirits.
              “Sprightly Sprites we’re on our way, Play and laugh and help today”


          • Game: The Name Game {Key to Brownies 2B 2C}
            • Say your name and something you like to do starting with the first letter of your name.
            • After going around the circle once, go around again, but now you must turn to the person on your right and say THEIR name and what they like, then reintroduce yourself.
            • For example, I am Techno Owl who likes to tickle.  Next to me is Mary who likes music.  I would turn to Marina, shake her hand and say "Hello Mary who likes music.  I am Techno Owl who likes to tickle."  Then Mary would turn to the person on her right and continue in the same manner.


          Reef knot {Key to Brownies 4C}

          • This is the knot for your Brownie tie, which is part of the uniform.
          • To teach the girls how to tie the knot, it helps to pretend that the ropes are worms. They choose one "worm" to be "in charge". The worm who is in charge is the one who does all the work - he goes over and through, over and through the other worm. The "other" worm is "lazy" and just hangs around waiting for the knot to be tied.

          Brownie Closing

              Now run along home,
              And jump into bed
              Say your prayers
              Don't cover up your head.

              The very same thing
              I say unto you.
              You dream of me,
              And I'll dream of you.

              • Sing the Brownie Closing Song {Key to Brownies 4B}
                • O Lord our God. Thy children call. Grant us thy peace, and bless us all.
                • Oh hear us now, your children call. Grant to us peace, and bless us all.