Game: Catching Stars (Zaire - now the Democratic Republic of Congo)

Since the beginning of time people have been fascinated with the stars. For this game you will require a large area to run around.


Divide in to two groups. Name one the stars (about a third of the group), and one the catchers (the rest of the group). Set up two parallel boundaries about 6 meters apart. The catchers stand in the middle of the boundaries while the stars stand on one of the boundaries.

How to play

  1. The catchers start the game by reciting together ‘STAR LIGHT STAR BRIGHT HOW MANY OF THE STARS ARE OUT TONIGHT?”
  2. The stars respond ‘MORE THAN YOU CAN CATCH’.
  3. Then the stars make a mad dash to the other boundary – trying not to be tagged by the catchers.
  4. Tagged stars become catchers.
  5. The game continues until all of the stars are caught. The last person caught is the winner.