Game: Cat and Mouse Parachute Game

  • Stand holding the canopy at shoulder height making sure there is a space between each child around the perimeter.
  • Place a small ball - the cheese - in the centre of the circle under the canopy.
  • Choose one child to be the cat and one to be the mouse.
  • The cat starts off under the canopy guarding the cheese - the mouse starts off outside the canopy and has to get to the cheese running in between the children holding the canopy.
  • If you have already numbered the children 1 or 6 around the canopy then choose a cat of one number and a mouse of another.
  • The mouse has 20 seconds to get the cheese, the cat has 20 seconds to catch the mouse.
  • Once the game starts, count to 20 (everyone else counts) score one point to the cat if the mouse is caught or one point to the mouse if the cheese is eaten.
  • Score no points if 20 is reached before either the cheese is eaten or the mouse is caught