Game: Evolution



How to Play:

  1. Everyone starts out as an ameoba (wiggling arms like an octopus).
  2. Find a partner and play rock-paper-scissors.
  3. The winner of the match becomes a snake (wiggle arms in front of you in a snakey motion).
  4. Continue to play rock-paper-scissors with others who are the same as you (ameoba plays ameoba, snake plays snake, etc).
  5. After winning a match with another snake you become a fox (hands represent ears up at the top of your head).
  6. Foxes battle to become human (arms crossed in front of you).
  7. Humans batter to become super human (super hero strong arms pose)
  8. You can only battle against someone of the same level as you , if you lose the battle you move down (or stay an ameoba) and if you win you move up (or stay a super human)
  9. Either end the game with the first super human, or play for a certain perior of time and when the leader calls the game over all those who are super humans are the winners!