Game: Four Seasons


  • Sign for each season in different corner of the room.

How to Play:

  1. The leader calls out a statement and girls hop to appropriate corner and do the action.
    Summer – swimming
    Spring – jumping in puddles
    Fall – twirl like a leaf
    Winter – make snow angels
  2. Statmement to call out:
    • The season we use a shovel in
    • The season following summer
    • When we celebrate Thanksgiving
    • When we celebrate Christmas
    • When we celebrate Easter
    • The season when we use a rake
    • When we celebrate Halloween
    • Your favourite season
    • Season when you need an umbrella
    • When you go skiing
    • When you go to the beach
    • The season following spring
    • The season when you ride your bike
    • The season following winter
    • The season following fall
    • The season when tulips bloom
    • The season of your favourite holiday