Game: Cookie Sandwiches

In the spring, we sell sandwich type cookies, two biscuits with icing sandwiched in between. This game is a variation of Arches or Bridges. Have the girls stand in a circle. Pick two girls to stand facing each other, joining hands and raising them to form an arch. They should stand so the girls in the circle can pass under the arch.

Explain to the group that the two girls standing together are the two halves of a Girl Guide Cookie (chocolate or vanilla), but they are missing the icing that belongs in between. The girls in the circle will walk, skip or hop, as directed, passing under the arch as they go around.

We sang "Here We Go Round the Cookie Bush" and as the girls passed under the "arch". When the song ends, the cookie halves drop their arms and try to capture some icing between them. Any icing that is captured becomes half of another cookie. If there is one girl left over, she waits for the next round, then she pairs up and becomes a cookie. The game continues until everyone is part of a cookie sandwich pair or a cookie-icing sandwich trio, and there is no icing left.