Craft: Spark TP Doll


  • toilet paper tube
  • googly eyes
  • glue
  • markers
  • pattern, printed on pink paper
  • 'skin' coloured paper - cut into circles


Cut out the pattern.

Glue the rectangular piece to the TP tube.

Glue the badge scarf as in picture.

Glue the arms onto the top of the TP tube - some of our girls made the arms going up, as we do in the "Sparks Jump Up" opening song.

Bend the feet on the dotted lines.  Glue the small folded over sections into the inside of the TP tube.

Glue the eyes onto the circle for the face.  Use markers to decorate the faces.  Add hair, if desired.  Glue the face to the top of the TP tube.

Now have fun practicing your Sparks opening and closing songs with the dolls!