Song: Guide Marching Song

Who are these? Swinging along the road,
With a pack on the back, a song in the heart, to ease the load?
It is a hundred years or more since they crowded through the door,
And they're coming along as gay and strong as ever they came before.

They are Guides, all Guides and in unexpected places
You'll meet their friendly faces and a ready hand besides
And there's not much danger of finding you're a stranger
For Commissioner or Ranger, they are Guides, all Guides.

Who are these? Living beneath the sky
While the simmering sun, the pattering rain, the clouds pass by?
They will dine beneath the boughs and their leader always vows
That they're never afraid of wasps and hardly ever afraid of cows.


Who are these? Sitting around the fire
They'll be happy to have your company if that is your desire
And the evening will be gay at the sunset hour of day
With a song to sing and a tale to tell and many a tune to play


Who are these leaving the beaten track,
They are climbing high to the open sky and they won't turn back
You may join them where you will for the gate is open still
And the Guides of today can find their way to the path across the hill

Final refrain:
They are Guides all Guides, at this mo-ment you will find them
With a hundred years behind them, and a steady heart besides.
For in need or danger, they're friends with every stranger,
And as Brownie, Guide and Ranger, they are Guides, all Guides!

Source: Songs for Canadian Girl Guides Published by Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada
May be copied by members of Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada for use within Guiding.