Song: For This Is British Columbia

From the grandeur of the Rockies to the green Vancouver Isle,
We're proud of our Province, ev'ry inch and ev'ry mile.
Her rolling hills and jagged peaks, and rivers running free.
A gift of Mother Nature for one and all to see.

For this is British Columbia
We've got so much if we can only see.
A land that is still young with a future just begun
Where we can live in peace and harmony.

You can walk along a sandy beach and hear the seagulls cry
Or marvel at the Douglas Fir that reaches to the sky,
You can travel to the cariboo where horse and cattle roam,
Or stand beside the Fraser as her mighty waters foam.


Since the frontiers of the goldrush days, we've come a long, long way,
From the pioneers who blazed the sites on which we stand today,
With their newfound hope they travelled here from places far and wide,
Fo freedom and great splendour which to noone is denied.



Source: Celebrate With Song published by Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada.
©1971 by Greg Davidon and Richard Margison. May be copied by members of Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada for use within Guiding.