Song: On My Honour

On my honour, I will try;
There's a duty to be done, and I say, "aye."
There's a reason here for a reason above.
My honour is to try and my duty is to love.

No one needs to know my name,
If I hurt someone, then I'm to blame.
If I've helped someone, then I've helpe me.
And that's the way that it should be.

I've tucked away a song or two;
If you're feeling low, there's one for you.
If you need a friend, then I will come.
There's plenty more where I've come from.

Come with me where the fire burns bright,
We can even see better by its own light;
We can find more meaning in a campfire glow
Than we've ever found in a year or so.

We've a promise to always keep,
And sing "Day is Done" before we sleep.
We're Girl Guides together, and when we're gone,
We'll still be a-trying and a-singing this song.

Source: Campfire Activities published by Girl Guides of Canada.
May be copied by members of Girl Guides of Canada-Guides dud Canada for use within Guiding.