Story: Remembrance Day Letter to Mom

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Instructions:Certain words in the story require the Brownies to perform an action. Ask the Brownies to sit in a circle. Divide them into three groups, assigning each group the action for one word (see below). When “Peace” is read, everyone does the action. Read the story, allowing the Brownies time to do the action when they hear their word.

Action Words

FAMILY – Stand up, hug themselves

CHRISTMAS – Stand up, say “Ho, ho, ho”

SOLDIERS – Stand up and salute

PEACE –Everyone stands up, raises their arms in the air, and shouts, “Hooray!”

Letter to Mom

January 1, 1944

Dear Mom,

Happy New Year! I hope you, Dad and the FAMILY had a great CHRISTMAS. Was I ever glad to hear from you! You don’t know how happy it makes me to get mail. Reading your letters gives me such a boost. It has been a bit tough for us over here lately. But the other SOLDIERS get to be like FAMILY. We all try to look out for each other!

One of the SOLDIERS that came over with me took a hit a couple of weeks ago, but he tells me he’s going to be fine. He told me, “It was my friends and the nurses who helped me get through it.”

How is everyone? Gosh I miss all of you. Tell my sisters that I’m relying on them to look after my old dog. I expect them to take every bit of care of him as they do that old horse of Dad’s. Tell them that sometimes we have used mules to carry our supplies over the mountains.

It is so very sad to see the people who are struggling for PEACE in the midst of a war. The towns are a mess. There are walls tumbling down everywhere. As we move north, we hope we are getting closer to the day when we are at PEACE and we can all go home.

At CHRISTMAS we were treated to a real CHRISTMAS dinner. We had candies, nuts, oranges, apples and extra chocolate bars. Funny how little things mean so much. Too bad though, after we ate, and sang a few carols, we all went back to the fighting. Things are quieter now, so don’t worry!

I know that we are protecting PEACE and freedom but, sometimes, I think about the SOLDIERS we are fighting against. Just like me, they have FAMILIES waiting for them back home.  I heard that one of the SOLDIERS from Quebec (insert your province) is being talked about for a big medal, maybe even a Victoria Cross. That would be a bit of an honour! They say without the brave actions of he and his men, taking this little old town would have been a lot harder for the rest of us.

One of our officers reads all our mail, so if there are any holes cut in this letter don’t be surprised. It just means that I said something I should not have.  Thinking a lot of home. Maybe next year we will all be together as a FAMILY for CHRISTMAS! Pray for PEACE soon.

Your affectionate son,