Welcome to my Guiding website. I started this site to share my ideas with fellow Guiders in Canada, and throughout the world!


I have experience as a Spark Guider, a Brown Owl (known as "Techno Owl"), a Guide Guider and a Pathfinder Guider. I have been an area and provincial program adviser, and am currently an adult trainer, a website coordinator, an area co-commissioner & registrar for SOAR 2017. I am also employed outside of Guiding, and have a busy family.


I am located in British Columbia, Canada, in the Monashee Area.


I am frequently asked when I will be updating my website and badge worksheets. I'm sorry to say, I will not be updating this website. As I am not currently leading a unit, and have many other responsibilities, I do not have the time to update this site.

Additional information