Song: The Train from Almendral



Girls are seated in a circle, either at a table or on the floor. Each one has a stone in her right hand which she passes to the next person on her left on the first count of each measure. On "chi-qui, chi-qui-cha" the girls go through the motions of passing the stones, but instead of actually passing them, each person retains the stone she received on the word "trail". Each time the game is repeated, it should be played a little faster, the object being to see how fast the game can be played with most of the players passing on the stones at the correct time. All sing as they play.

Por el tren de acero
el tren del Almendral
va corriendo, va corriendo
con chi-qui, chi-qui-cha

On the long rail of iron
The train ran from Almendral
Keeps a-following the trail
With chi-qui, chi-qui-cha.

Source: Songs to Sing and Sing Again. No copyright listed. Probably public domain.