World Centre Story


  • Sangam: bring hands together
  • Pax: make peace symbol
  • Our Cabana: Ole!
  • Our Chalet: yodel
  • World: make a big circle with your arms
  • Sisters: hug your neighbour (or yourself)


One day, Sarah came home from Sparks very, very excited, "Mom, I have SISTERS!" she yelled.


Well this was news to mom! "Sarah," said mom, "you have a brother, a gerbil and two cats, but no SISTERS."


But mom was wrong. Sarah had SISTERS all over the world, and she had learned about them at her Sparks meeting! Tere are four WORLD Centres that are very special because they offer fun and friendship to Guiding visitors from all over the WORLD.


"I have a sister in India," explained Sarah. "She helps out in the flower garden at SANGAM. That name is very easy to remember because the first part is pronounced sun and India is a very hot country! Sometimes my SISTER in Guiding shows her guests songs, dances and crafts that are special to India. SANGAM means going together in Sanskrit." Mom was very impressed with Sarah's knowledge of the country in the eastern part of the WORLD.


"Another SISTER lives in Mexico and sent us a postcard from OUR CABANA. It had a picture of a big building with a huge trefoil on the door, She told us all about the craft house and the swimming pool and the garden with the toadstool shaped lights!" Sarah thought OUR CABANA sounded wonderful! She especially liked that they provided games, treats and fiesta with a real piƱata for visitors and children from the area.


In another part of the world is PAX LODGE in England. Pax is another word for peace. All of my SISTERS in Guiding can stay at PAX LODGE if they ever visit England!


Sarah continues, "I have another SISTER that takes visitors skiing when they visit OUR CHALET in Switzerland. OUR CHALET visitors present songs and stories about their own countries so their Guiding SISTERS can learn about all of the countries around the WORLD.


"Each WORLD Centre has its own song and is special in its own way. But each WORLD Centre is the same too. It's for everyone in Guiding and offers fun and friendship from all around the WORLD!"


Sarah's mom smiled. She was glad that Sarah had found her SISTERS in Guiding; she didn't have extra bedrooms if they were her SISTERS at home!