1.16 Active Fun Meeting (Being Healthy keeper - part 1)

Being HealthyProgram Connections:

    • Being Healthy (although the activities do not specifically meet the program book descriptions, we believe that the activities at this meeting fulfill the spirit of the badge descriptions)
  • 3 - Move to the Beat
  • 4 - Heartbeats
  • 5 - Newspaper Skate
  • 8 - Additional Activity - why being physically active keeps us healthy.
Bone Building Challenge - Fitness
  • Going Outside
    • 5 - Create an animal or insect

Girl Guides of Canada Challenge:

  • Bone Building Challenge - Fitness
    • Obstacle Course (active living stations) - 300 points
    • No Bones - 200 points

Gathering Activity

  • Get your girls to draw a picture of what you would look like without a skeleton.

Opening song

Spark Promise

Discuss[Being Healthy - 8] [Bone Building Challenge]

  • It is important it is to have a healthy body and mind.
  • Ask girls what it would be like to have no bones. Would they be able to move?
  • Why is it important to build and take care of our bones? Suggest different types of physical activity that can be done to keep bones strong (See Bone Building Challenge information on the National Website)

Games and Songs [Being Healthy - 3, 4, 5] [Bone Building Challenge]

Craft [Going Outside - 5]


Closing song


Note: the girls have completed the Sparks Fitness Bone Building Challenge by attending this meeting.