1.5 Pre-Enrolment - 3rd Meeting (Being a Spark keeper - part 3)

Program Connections:Being A Spark

  • Being a Spark 
    • 1 -The Spark Promise
    • 2 - Spark Meeting Opening and Closing Songs

Colour in our activity books

Opening song [Being a Spark - 2]

Spark Promise and Spark sign [Being a Spark - 1]

Talk about enrollment

  • we will become "real Sparks" next week
  • need to know the promise off by heart
  • will invite parents



  • while girls are decorating their crowns, leaders can make the wands.

Wash hands for snack


  • re-read "Crystal's Dream" from the Spark Activity book


Closing song [Being a Spark - 2]


Send home a newsletter inviting the parents to join us for enrollment the following week.  Here is a sample newsletter:

Ceremonies are magical moments for all of us in Guiding.  From the very youngest of us to the very oldest, a special ceremony can make memories the girls will treasure forever.  With our Sparks, we want to make sure they understand what the enrollment is and what it means to belong to something.

We have discussed the ceremony with the girls involved and made sure they all understand what is going on, who will be here, and why the ceremony is occurring.

The girls have made their own special accessories for the enrollment and are excited to wear them for their guests at the Sparkle Ceremony.  Please make every effort to attend, as it is the Sparks time to shine.

Each new Spark will recite her promise and receive a certificate of enrollment along with an enrollment pin for her badge scarf.  Parents, guests and Sparks will have a special snack following the ceremony.

We ask you to drop off your Spark at the regular time and return a half hour later as we need to rehearse and prepare. We expect our ceremony to end at our regular time, but please be patient if it takes us some extra time on this special occasion.

We hope you will enjoy our enrollment ceremony as much as the Sparks will!