1.1 Make New Friends (Being a Spark keeper - part 1)

Program Connections:

  • Being a Spark Being A Spark
    • 1 -The Spark Promise
    • 2 - Spark Meeting Opening and Closing Songs
    • 3 - Friends
    • 5 - Additional Activity - getting to know you game
    • 6 - Additional Activity - uniform craft

Colour in our activity books.

  • Fill in the "Welcome to Sparks" Page
  • Colour the pictures in the "Crystal's New Friend" story.

Opening song – “Sparks Jump Up[Being a Spark - 2]

  • teach the actions for this.  Start by crouching down on the floor, and jump up with arms in the air every time we sing "Sparks jump up"

Story – Crystal's New Friend, from the Go Sparks Go! Activity book. [Being a Spark - 3]

  • Why was Crystal sad?
  • What did she see in her backyard?
  • How did she meet Molly?
  • Where does Molly want to take Crystal?
  • Why is Crystal happy at the end of the story?

Learn the Spark Promise and sign [Being a Spark - 1]

  • "I promise to share and be a friend!"
  • Spark sign (two fingers).  Explain that one finger is for sharing and the other finger is for being a friend.


  • each girl introduces herself and shares something about herself.

Game [Being a Spark - 5]


Craft [Being a Spark - 6]

Wash hands for snack



Closing song [Being a Spark - 2]