1.22 Safety & Band-aids Meeting (Being Healthy keeper - part 4)

shareandbeafriendBeing HealthyProgram Connections:

  • Being Healthy
    • 4 - Heartbeats
    • 6 - Safe Play
    • 7 - Band-Aids
    • 8 - Additional Activities - Safety Story

Girl Guides of Canada Challenge

  • Sparks 20th Anniversary Share and Be a Friend Challenge
    • Exploring and Experimenting - 2

Gathering Activity

Opening song

Spark Promise


  • Game: What's in the Bag game using safety items. {note - this meets the Exploring and Experimenting - What's in the Bag? activity of the Share and Be a Friend Challenge}

Game [Being Healthy - 6]

  • Safe Play activity from Guider's manual - kids jump up and clap if the activity is safe, remain seated if it is unsafe.
getting in the car and putting on your seat belt in the back seat
wearing a life jacket in the water
asking permission before touching someone else's animal
using hand rails going up/down the stairs
following the rules
Swim only when an adult is present
if you smell smoke, feel your door before opening it
look left and right before crossing the street
take swimming lessons
wear a helmet when you ride your bike
running across the street
running at the swimming pool
talking to strangers
playing with matches
hiding from your parents at the store
chewing on balloons
wear your bike helmet when playing at the playground
climb up the slide at the playground
take medicine by yourself
dunk your friend at the pool

Game [Being Healthy - 4]

  • Heartbeats game from Guider's manual - find heartbeat before the game, then play follow the leader with jumping, hopping, skipping, running, etc. Ask if they are out of breath. Can they feel their heart beating quickly? Is there a difference from before? Explain how exercise makes the heart strong for a healthy body.

  • Activity [Being Healthy - 7]

  • Show how to put on a band-aid without touching sterile gauze. Using washable marker, make a mark on each girl’s arm and have another girl put a band-aid on it. Or, if they are not comfortable putting a band-aid onto their skin, put in on their leg, on top of their pants.


Wash hands for snack

Snack & Story [Being Healthy - 8]


Closing song

Note: We have now completed the Being Healthy Keeper badge.