1.21 Thinking Day Meeting

Share and be a FriendThe World Around MeBrownies and BeyondProgram Connections

  • Brownies and Beyond Keeper
    • 4 - Thinking Day and Guide-Scout Week
    • 5 - The Story of the Baden-Powells
  • The World Around Me Keeper
    • 2 - Birthdays Around the World

Girl Guides of Canada Challenge

  • Sparks 20th Anniversary Share and Be a Friend Challenge
    • Brownies and Beyond - 1

Gathering Activity

Opening song

Spark Promise

Story [Brownies and Beyond - 5]

  • The Story of the Baden-Powells
    • Questions:
    • Imagine you are the first ever Girl Guides (Sparks) in Canada. What would you tell Olave Baden-Powell that you wanted your unit to do?
      What do we do different now than what the first girl guides did 100 years ago?

Discussion [Brownies and Beyond - 4]

  • Explain Canadian World Friendship Fund and Thinking Day pennies – CWFF supports World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts projects, including the four world centres, assisting countries starting Guiding, assisting countries suffering from natural disasters, help to pay for girls and adults from Canada who go to international events and girls coming from other countries to visit Canada. We can help with Activity: Thinking Day Pennies – a sheet will be sent home today. {note - this meets the Brownies and Beyond - Pennies for Thinking Day activity of the Share and Be a Friend challenge}

Activity [The World Around Me - 2]

  • Everyone has a birthday activity.
    • talk to them about what they like to do on their birthdays
    • Poem: Everybody has a birthday.
      It's a special day when you were born.
      When you celebrate your birthday,
      There are many things that you can do.
    • Ask each child to tell the date of her birthday.
    • Let each child tell one thing they like to do on their birthday.



  • Song: May There Always Be Sunshine - written by a child
  • Sing the song together, then talk about what WE want there to 'always be' - then sing the song again with our own words!





Closing song