2.33 Out of This World

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  • Exploring and Experimenting
    • 4 & 5 - Additional Activities {although this meeting does not specifically follow the instructions given in the Spark Activity Book, we feel the activities of this meeting fulfill the spirit of the badge requirements}

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Gathering Activity

    • What is a constellation?
    • A group of stars that appear to have a physical proximity in the sky. Ancient astronomers gave groupings of stars names because of the way they look. Most constellations were named by ancient Greek and Roman astronomers who came up with myths and legends to go along with each one.
    • LEO the Lion is easy to see. In April it is high overhead at 9:00 at night. The bright star Regulus is the lion’s heart. The bright star above Regulus, at the lion’s neck, is Algieba, a telescopic double star.
    • Mythology (the story of the constellation): The lion, king of all the beasts, was set amongst the stars as the constellation Leo in recognition of his supremacy.
    • Colour Leo from http://stardate.org/pdfs/teachers/Constellations.pdf

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