2.24 Hunger and Cookies

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  • In My Community
    • 6 - Spark Cookie Sellers
    • 7 - Be a Safe Cookie Seller
  • Exploring and Experimenting
    • 4 or 5 - Additional Activity - Build a paper airplanecookiesrising2cookiesrising1
  • Cookies Rising Keeper 
    • Customer Base
    • Safety
    • Etiquette
    • Handling Moneyhungerpoverty

Girl Guides of Canada Challenges

  • 2010 National Service Project: Eradicate Hunger and Poverty - note that our unit had already collected 58 kg of food for the food bank before this meeting

Gathering Activity - paper airplanes

  • Hunger 101 paper airplane
  • girls colour plane
  • talk about how this plane is delivering healthy food to hungry people, just like we delivered healthy food to the food bank

Opening song

Spark Promise



    Discussion - Cookies

    • Girl Guide cookies is the official fundraiser of Girl Guides of Canada. The money we raise from the sale of Girl Guide cookies is the essential fuel that makes Guiding go. Cookie sales are the main ingredient we use to build Guiding in Canada. Last year alone we sold over 4 million boxes of cookies so that girls and women can continue to enjoy great Guiding experiences.

    Discussion - [Customer Base - Cookie Rising Keeper]

    • identify family, friends, neighbours and safe strangers to sell cookies to.
    • Explain to the Unit the significance of cookie sales and how many times a year GGC sells cookies. What kind of cookies do they sell? Most importantly, explain to the girls the importance of being a safe cookie seller.
    • Also, talk with the girls about how important cookie sales are – use examples like cookie sales will help our Unit pay for craft supplies, pay for some of our camp trip, etc.

    Game - [Safety - Cookie Rising Keeper]

    Discussion - [Etiquette – cookie rising keeper]

    • understanding the importance of being polite while selling cookies
    • Ask the Sparks about all of the people they sell cookies to – family, neighbours, people at stores. Ask the girls to describe the way they ask people if they would like to buy cookies. Talk about polite and impolite ways of selling cookies.

    Game - [Etiquette – cookie rising keeper]

    • Simon Says
    • Play the game “Simon Says” using the impolite and polite ways of selling cookies. For example, “Simon says…smile, Simon says…say thank you”, etc.

    Activity - [Etiquette – cookie rising keeper]

    • Divide the girls up into groups of three. Have them practice with one girl as the customer and the other two girls as cookie sellers. Rotate so everyone gets a chance to do all roles.


    Game - [Handling Money - cookie rising keeper]

    Closing Song