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Girl Guides of Canada Challenges

  • 2010 100 in 100 Challenge - WAGGGS countries: Ukraine (19 of 25), Haiti (20 of 25), Ireland (21 of 25), Greece (22 of 25), Kuwait (23 of 25), Egypt (24 of 25), Sweden (25 of 25), Russian Federation (bonus!)

Gathering Activity - Country: Ukraine

    Opening song

    Spark Promise

    Game - Country: Haiti

    • Girl Guides starts at age 7 in Haiti, and when you are between 7 and 12 you are a Jeannette Brownie.
    • Brownie Motto - The Best We Can
    • Brownie Promise: I promise to do my best: To be faithful to God, my country, my parents, to the Law of the Pack, and to do a good turn to someone every day.
    • Uniform: Jeannette Brownies wear blue dresses.
    • Game: Caribbean Stone Passing Game

    Game - Country: Ireland

    • Spark-aged girls in Ireland are called Ladybirds.
    • Promise: “I will try to do my best, to love God and help other people.” When a Ladybird Guide makes her promise she holds up the two fingers beside her thumb on her right hand. This represents the two parts to their promise “to love God” and “to help other people.”
    • Uniform: Ladybird Guides wear a red sweatshirt or polo shirt with the Ladybird Guide logo, a navy neckerchief with black woggle, navy tracksuit bottoms and runners.
    • Game: Irish Daisy Chain Game

    Game - Country: Greece

    • In Greece the youngest members of Girl Guides are called Asteri, which translates to “Star”. They are 5 – 7 years old. Each Star unit is called a “Galaxy” and their motto is “Always Friends”. Their promise is “I am a Star eager to help the others and never forget my smile. I have love and my arms are open to all, and I have friends around the world”
    • Uniform: turquoise shirt and pants (track suit) with their Guiding symbol on the shirt.
    • Game: Torch Tag

    Craft - Country: Kuwait

    • In the Kuwait Girl Guides Association Spark-aged girls (5 and 6 years old) are called Rainbow Blossoms and they wear pink shirts, just like Sparks in Canada.
    • Mehndi is a popular art form in Kuwait. It is body art on the hands and feet, like a temporary tattoo, and it washes off in a few days. Real tattoos are not common in Arabic countries, as it is not approved of in the Muslim religion. They use henna, a dye from the henna flowering plant, to put the colour onto the skin. Traditionally, brides have their hands decorated with mehndi for their wedding day.
    • Mehndi Hands: Decorate a fun foam hand using ball point pens.

    Craft - Country: Egypt - note, as we just have one set of stamps, one girl at a time will do this craft, while the others work on their Mehndi hands and complete their Pysanky colouring

    • In Egypt the younger members of Girl Guides are called Baraem, which translates to “Rainbow”. They are 5-7 years old. The Rainbow promise is “I love God ... I am polite and I help people, my family and my friends.”
    • Hieroglyphics was the writing system used by ancient Egyptians. It is a kind of picture writing. Stamp your name using hieroglyphics rubber stamps. (Or draw your own.)

    Game - Country: Sweden

    Story - Country: Russian Federation

    • The youngest girls in Guiding/Scouting in the Russian Federation are called Ptenchicki, or Junior Girl Scouts in English. They are 6 – 9 years old. Their motto is “Fly High”.
    • Russian Fairy Tale


    Closing Song