2.22 Trekking to Trinidad

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  • The World Around Me

Girl Guides of Canada Challenges

  • Zoe's Trek Around the World Challenge - Trinidad
  • 2010 100 in 100 Challenge - WAGGGS countries: Trinidad (17 of 25), United States (18 of 25)

Gathering Activity

  • Need to put up a world map before each meeting. Show where Vancouver, San Francisco, Beijing (China), Hong Kong, Auckland (NZ), Brisbane (Australia), Singapore, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Nairobi (Kenya), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Paris (France), Belgium, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Port of Spain (Trinidad), Miami (Florida, USA), Washington (DC, USA), Chicago (Illinois, USA) and Vancouver (BC, Canada) are on the map.
  • The Girl Guide Association in Trinidad is called: The Girl Guides Association of Trinidad and Tobago. The age groups are: Brownie Guides - aged 6 to 9, Junior Guide - aged 9 to 12, Senior Guide - aged 12 to 15, Ranger - aged 15 to 18
  • Their Brownie motto is “Lend a Hand”
  • Colour a Trinidad and Tobago Brownie Guide [Guiding Challenge option]

Opening song

Spark Promise


Activity [Active Challenge Option] - Zoë’s Overboard (Game: Captain's Coming)

  • Line up facing a wall in the gym. Space yourselves out by at least two arm lengths. Stand in a very straight line and pretend you are part of the crew on the glass boat Zoë goes on in Trinidad and you must learn some commands. Your Guider is the captain. Your Guider will call out the following commands and you will respond right away by doing the action. (Review these with the kids before initiating the game):
  • Scrub the Deck - Get down in a squat position and “scrub” the floor.
  • Man the Rigging - Pretend to be pulling down on the ropes of the ship.
  • Captain's Coming - Stand straight and rigid and salute.
  • Stand at Attention - Stand straight with your arms at your sides.
  • Zoë’s Overboard - Run to the wall, touch it, and then run back and get in line as quickly as possible.

Game [Cultural Challenge Option] - Do the Limbo

      • Find some island party tunes and grab a broom or long stick and see how low you can go.

        Craft [Creative Challenge Option]



          • Allow the girls to choose one of their favourite activities from the international meetings over the past two months.


          Closing Song