2.21 Traveling to the Four World Centres

100in100The World  Around MeBrownies and BeyondProgram Connections

  • Brownies and Beyond Keeper
    • 4 - Thinking Day and Guide-Scout Week
    • 5 - The Story of the Baden-Powells
  • The World Around Me Keeper
    • 1 - Diversity Meeting
    • 3 - WAGGGS craft
Girl Guides of Canada Challenges
  • 2010 100 in 100 Challenge - WAGGGS countries: India (12 of 25), United Kingdom (13 of 25), Mexico (14 of 25), Switzerland (15 of 25), Austria (16 of 25)

Gathering Activity
  • Sangam World Centre [Brownies & Beyond] / [The World Around Me]
  • Put up the world map and show where the world centres are.
  • (Hand out colouring at the beginning - A rangoli is a colourful design made on the floor near the entrance to a house to welcome guests. - designs available at http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/rangoli.htm)
  • World Centres are meeting places with eating and sleeping accommodation which are owned by Guiding for use by Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from all over the world. There are four World Centres.
  • One of the world centres is in Pune, India (show on map). It is called “Sangam” which means ‘coming together’ in the ancient language of Sanskrit.
  • In India the girls who are the same age as Sparks are called Bulbuls. Their motto is “Koshish Karo” which means “Do your best”.

Opening song

Spark Promise

Discussion [Brownies and Beyond - 4]

  • Our Founders, Lady Baden-Powell and World Chief Guide Lady Olave Baden-Powell, were both born on February 22nd. Girl Guides and Girl Scouts all over the world observe February 22nd as Thinking Day, holding special events and activities that celebrate the international scope of this movement. We also collect money for the Canadian World Friendship Fund (CWFF) at this time to help support Guiding countries and the four World Centres.
  • Explain Canadian World Friendship Fund and Thinking Day pennies – CWFF supports World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts projects, including the four world centres, assisting countries starting Guiding, assisting countries suffering from natural disasters, help to pay for girls and adults from Canada who go to international events and girls coming from other countries to visit Canada.

Story [Brownies and Beyond - 5]

  • The Story of the Baden-Powells
    • Questions:
    • Imagine you are the first ever Girl Guides (Sparks) in Canada. What would you tell Olave Baden-Powell that you wanted your unit to do?
      What do we do different now than what the first girl guides did 100 years ago?

Discussion [The World Around Me]

  • WAGGGS & Pax Lodge [Brownies & Beyond]
  • WAGGGS is the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.
  • There are 145 member associations and more than 10 million members throughout the world.
  • The headquarters for WAGGGS is located in London, England, right next door to another World Centre – Pax Lodge.
  • There are many things to see and do in London, and it is only a 20 minute ride on the train into town. Some things to see in London are Buckingham Palace, Big Ben (a huge clock tower) and many museums.
  • In the United Kingdom Spark-aged girls are called Rainbows. Their promise is “I promise that I will do my best to love my God and to be kind and helpful”

Game / Song

  • Ring a Ring o’roses – this is the traditional British way to sing this song
    • Ring a-ring o' roses,
    • A pocketful of posies.
    • A-tishoo!, a-tishoo!
    • We all fall down.


  • Our Cabana is the world centre in Mexico. It is located in Cuernavaca in a beautiful tropical location. There are lots of fun activities, with a swimming pool, volleyball court, tennis court, fire circle and a craft house. Girl Guides from all over the world come to visit Our Cabana and learn about Mexico.
  • In Mexico the Guiding association is called Guias de Mexico. The girls who are the same age as Sparks are called Girasoles – which translates to Sunflowers. Their motto is “Siempre alegres” which means “Always Cheerful” and their promise is “Yo prometo compartir y ser amiga” which is “I promise to share and be a friend” – does this sound familiar?!?


  • Magnets de Mayo flowers (Mexico)
  • What You'll Need:
    • Assorted dried corn and beans
    • White, green, or red felt
    • Glue
    • Waxed paper
    • Sticky-backed magnetic strip
  • Use an assortment of dried beans to vary the shape of your flowers. Tiny lentils and corn kernels will make delicate posies, while larger fava beans can become the leaves of a gorgeous bloom.
  • Arrange 6 to 10 beans and kernels in a flower shape. Place the points of the corn kernels toward the center of the flower.
  • Cut a circle of felt a bit larger than your flower and press a piece of sticky magnetic strip on the back. Cover the circle with glue, and arrange your flower on it. Put the felt-flower on the waxed paper, and cover it completely with glue. If some of the glue runs over the edges of your flower, don't worry. You can break off the extra glue when it is dry.
  • When your flower is completely dry, peel it off the waxed-paper.


  • Jumping Beans (Mexico)
  • Jumping Beans starts when you begin playing really lively mariachi music.
  • The children start jumping around like little jumping beans.
  • When the music stops, the children must be perfectly still.
  • Any child caught moving, flinching, twitching or otherwise, is out.
  • The rounds continue until there is only one successful jumping bean remaining.


  • The fourth World Centre, Our Chalet, is high up in the mountains on the outskirts of the beautiful Swiss Alpine village of Adelboden, which is just one hour away from the capital of Switzerland, Bern.
  • Switzerland is known for its chocolate, cheese and swiss army knives. It is also where people first skied for fun.
  • When girls visit Our Chalet, they are close to ski areas and a village with magnificent mountain views and easy access to many outdoor activities and attractions.
  • There are no Spark-aged girls in Switzerland, but they do have Brownies, and their motto is “Mis Bescht”, which means “Doing my best”.


  • Austria is a country that is next to Switzerland (show on map) that also has Girl Guides. Here is a silly song about an Austrian yodeller.
  • Song: Austrian Yodeller
  • Note - one of our leaders pulled up a video of a girl yodelling to show the girls (on her iphone).

Closing song