2.19 Trekking to France

100in100zoe-franceworldaroundmeProgram Connections

  • The World Around Me

Girl Guides of Canada Challenges

  • Zoe's Trek Around the World Challenge - France
  • 2010 100 in 100 Challenge - WAGGGS countries: Netherlands (8 of 25), France (9 of 25), Belgium (10 of 25)

Gathering Activity

  • Need to put up a world map before each meeting. Show where Vancouver, San Francisco, Beijing (China), Hong Kong, Auckland (NZ), Brisbane (Australia), Singapore, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Nairobi (Kenya), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Paris (France) and Belgium are on the map.
  • Show Amsterdam and Paris photos (downloaded from the internet) while reading the journal entries.
  • Read Zoe’s Journal Entry 9 – En Route to Paris, France
  • There are Girl Guides in France, but they do not have any Spark-age girls. However there are Spark-age girls in Belgium. They are called Nutons or Beavers (there is more than one Guiding organization). It is not far from France to Belgium. Zoë decides she will take a train ride to Belgium and see if she can meet some Nutons or Beavers.
  • Colour a picture of a Belgium Nuton. [Guiding Challenge option]

Opening song

Spark Promise


Activity [Active Challenge Option] - Ballet

  • The word “ballet” is French, and ballet is often thought of as being a French dance form, but it actually started in Italy.
  • In 1661, the first ballet school was opened in France. Only men were allowed to dance, at first. Women first danced the ballet in 1681. They did not look like the dancers of today, because they wore ankle-length dresses!
  • The dance steps taught so long ago in France are still used today. Most steps still have their original French names.
  • Our junior leader will teach us some ballet moves.

Game [Cultural Challenge Option] - Fashion

    • Paris is known for its fashion. Plan a fashion show with music and wonderful clothing. Ask girls to bring in accessories and put together great outfits for the runway.
    • Play French music and take photos of the girls as they walk down the runway.

    Game [Creative Challenge Option] - Poisson d'Avril

    • It is believed that April Fools Day started in France in the 1500’s. Pranksters would stick paper fish to their victims’ backs. The people with fish on their backs were called “Poisson d’Avril” or April Fish. Today, children still stick paper fish on the backs of unsuspecting people.
    • Watercolour paint a picture of a fish. http://www.teteamodeler.com/coloriages/coloriage7/poisson.asp



    Closing Song