2.16 Trekking to China

100in100zoe-chinaworldaroundmeProgram Connections

  • The World Around Me

Girl Guides of Canada Challenges

  • Zoe's Trek Around the World Challenge - China
  • 2010 100 in 100 Challenge - WAGGGS country: Hong Kong (1 of 25)

Gathering Activity

  • Put up a world map before each meeting. Show where Vancouver, San Francisco, Beijing and Hong Kong are on the map.
  • Show Beijing Photos (downloaded from the internet) while reading the journal entries.
  • Read Zoe’s Travel Journal, part 1(from the Girl Guides of Canada website)
  • Read Zoe’s Journal Entry 2 - The Flight from Vancouver to Beijing
  • There is no Guiding in China; the closest country with Guiding is Hong Kong, and the girls that are like Sparks there are called “Happy Bees”. The Happy Bee promise is: I am a Happy Bee. I love my family. I love my friends. I love nature.
  • Colour a picture of a Hong Kong Happy Bee. [Guiding Challenge option]

Opening song

Spark Promise


Game[Active Challenge Option]

  • Bouncing in Beijing
    • Now that you have read my travel journal from Beijing, let’s have some fun!
    • Materials Needed:
      Large play area
      CD or tape player
      Music (downloaded Chinese music).
    • Here are some instructions:
      Slowly reach your arms above your head and stand tall like the Lama temple.
      Turn to the side with your arms and legs wide like the Great Wall of China.|
      March on the spot as you decide where to go next.
      Jog forward and backward in Tiananmen Square.
      Reach your arms up, hold on to your kite string and follow the wind.
      Dance like a dragon at a Chinese New Year celebration.

Game[Cultural Challenge Option]

  • Using chopsticks
  • During my stay in Beijing, I was invited to share a meal with my new friend, Ahmee. When I sat at the table there were no forks or spoons to eat with only wooden sticks. These sticks are called chopsticks and are what Chinese people use to eat their food.
  • Obtain a pair of chopsticks for each of you.
    Gather various shapes and sizes of objects and attempt to pick them up with the chopsticks.
  • Afterwards talk about:
    Which shapes were easiest to pick up?
    Do you think you would be able to use chopsticks to eat your meals?
    Perhaps it would be fun to taste some Chinese fried rice and see if you can eat the rice with the chopsticks.

Craft[Creative Challenge Option]


Closing Song