2.15 I Believe in We

girlsunitedProgram Connections

Girl Guides of Canada Challenges

  • Girls United Challenge (GUC)

Gathering Activity [GUC #25 – picture of healthy relationship]

  • Remind the girls about our “Friendship Fun” meeting in December when we learned about friendships. This is another friendship meeting. We want to learn this time that bullying is hurtful and that we should work together to be caring and include everyone without being mean.
  • Give each girl a piece of blank paper and have them draw a picture of themselves with a friend participating in an activity. Example: playing at the park!

Opening song

Spark Promise



  • Get to know each other! [GUC #2 - Build a Safe Social Climate]
    • Ask the girls to try and pick something that the rest of the group might not know about them to share with the group. The interesting fact could be something about their family traditions or culture, their talents, are they a big sister, what makes them a good big sister, etc. Help them find things they have in common.
    • Go around the circle and have girls tell the rest of the group one thing that the girl sitting next to them is good at.




Preparation for next week:


Closing Song