2.12 Friendship Fun

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  • Being Me
    • 3 - Who Am I? (Friendship Bracelet)

Girl Guides of Canada Challenges

  • National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women (note, this meeting is based on the Sparks instant meeting set out for the challenge

Gathering Activity

Opening song

Spark Promise



    • Who is your best friend?
    • Do any of you have good friends?
    • What is a “best friend”? Can you have more than one “best friend”?
    • What are some things that you can do to be a good friend?
    • What do your friends do that makes you feel good?
    • What do you do to make your friends feel special?
    • What fun things do you and your friends do together that makes you feel happy?
    • What does your friend do that makes you feel sad?
    • What do you do when your friend makes you feel mad, sad or angry?
    • What can you do when you feel mad, sad, or angry?


    • Good Friend Circle Game
      Have the girls sit in a circle. Ask the girls the questions below. If they feel the answer is behaviour of a GOOD FRIEND have them jump up, shout out “good friend” and clap their hands; if they feel the answer is behaviour of a BAD FRIEND have them shout out “bad friend”. Take a minute to debrief each answer and reinforce the correct answer. Make sure to congratulate the girls when they are correct.
        • A person who hugs you when you are sad
        • A person who says nice things about you
        • A person who is kind
        • A person who is honest and always tells the truth
        • A person who makes you laugh
        • A person who shares their toys
        • A person who makes you feel safe
        • A person who helps solve problems
        • A person you can count on and trust
        • A person who cares about your feelings
        • A person who makes you sad
        • A person who does not share
        • A person who talks about others behind their back
        • A person who laughs at you when you make a mistake
        • A person who says mean things to hurt other’s feelings
        • A person who does not listen when you have something to say
        • A person who tells you what to do and is bossy
        • A person who is dishonest
        • A person who makes you feel bad about yourself
        • A person who hurts another people’s feelings




      • Friendship Bracelets
        • Using colourful beads and durable string, parachute twine or dental floss, have the girls make friendship bracelets. They can make one for themselves and a few to give to friends. Note: Consider asking each girl to give the bracelet to someone they don’t frequently talk to but would like to become friends with.



      • Complete one random act of kindness for a friend. Explain to your unit what constitutes as a random act of kindness. For example, help Mom bring in the groceries or help your little brother clean up his toys. Report back to your unit on how it felt and why you chose that particular deed.

      Closing Song