2.11 Love Yourself

nedicbeinghealthybeingmeProgram Connections

  • Being Me
  • Being Healthy

Girl Guides of Canada Challenges

  • nedic Love Yourself Challenge

Gathering Activity [nedic body image activity]

  • Body pride pledge: reminds girls that there are lots of things about themselves to love and celebrate.
  • have the girls write down (or draw) on a piece of paper three personal traits they like about themselves (Guiders to help). For example, “I am funny, I like my smile, I am a good friend, I am a great soccer player”. Finish each pledge with “I am beautiful”. Have each girl decorate their Body Pride Pledge. Encourage girls to take it home and hang it up in their room so they can be reminded everyday of how special they are.

Opening song

Spark Promise

Story [nedic self-esteem activity]

  • I Like Me” (book borrowed from the library)

Game [nedic health and nutrition activity]

Craft [nedic body image activity]

  • Awesome Aliens 
    • uses creativity to reinforce the idea that it’s cool to be different.
    • Needed: A variety of craft supplies
    • What to do: Using your Unit’s craft supplies, have each girl draw and create her own alien. She can make it look any way she wants – three eyes, purple teeth, funny feet, etc. Ask the girls to volunteer to present her alien to the Unit and describe how it looks. Celebrate the differences between each girl’s creations!

Story [nedic self-esteem activity]


Closing Song