2.8 We Remember and Enrolment

beingasparkProgram Connections

  • Being a Spark
    • 4 - Enrolment
    • 6 - Additional Activities (uniform craft)


Gathering Activity [Being a Spark - 6]


  • 2060 uniform challenge – draw/colour shirts (note: this challenge is no longer available)

Opening song

Spark Promise

Enrolment [Being a Spark - 4]

  • We kept our enrolment simple this year.
  • Read “Crystal’s Dream” from the activity book
  • New girls come one at a time, say promise, get enrolment pin, year 1 pin, “Being a Spark” keeper
  • 2nd year girls get year 2 pin, 2nd year Spark crest


  • what is Remembrance Day, why poppies, wearing a uniform (tie to challenge)

What is Remembrance Day: Every year on November 11, Canadians pause in a silent moment of remembrance for the men and women who have served, and continue to serve our country during times of war, conflict and peace. We honour those who fought for Canada in the First World War (1914-1918), the Second World War (1939-1945), and the Korean War (1950-1953), as well as those who have served since then. More than 1,500,000 Canadians have served our country in this way, and more than 100,000 have died. They gave their lives and their futures so that we may live in peace.

Why do we wear a poppy: This is because the corn poppy was one of the only plants that grew on the battlefield. During the few weeks the plant blossomed, the battlefield was coloured blood red, not just from the red flower that grew in great numbers but also from the actual blood of the dead soldiers.

Soldiers wear uniforms to identify who they are, and to show their pride. We wear our uniform on Remembrance Day to show respect for the soldiers, and to show our pride to be Canadian Girl Guides.





  • Fire's Burning
  • Frog song
      Down by the Banks of the Hanky Panky
      Down by the banks of the hanky panky
      Where the bullfrogs jump from bank to banky
      With an eeps, ipes, opes, ops
      He hit the lily with a ker-plop!
  • Yogi Bear
  • Peace Song (to the tune of "Rose")
      Peace, Peace, Peace, Peace,
      Wars have been and wars must cease
      We must learn to live together in
      Peace Peace Peace

Closing Song