2.6 Sparks are Safe

inmycommunityProgram Connections

  • In My Community
    • 1 - Be Prepared Kit
    • 5 - Street-proofing


Gathering Activity


  • Colour in our activity books & finish the frog hat craft trader craft

Opening song

Spark Promise

Discussion [In My Community Keeper-5]

  • Street Proofing
  • Invite someone from the RCMP to come talk about safety
  • Act out what to do if
    • A stranger approaches you on the street - Reinforce that strangers come in all shapes and sizes - including people who act friendly.
    • Someone knocks on the door and you are home alone
    • Someone you don’t know tries to get you to get into a car with them - Explain that adults rarely ask a child for help or directions. Teach them never to approach a stranger's car and to move away from a car that pulls up beside them. If they think they are being followed, they should run to the nearest public place and yell for help.



Craft [In My Community - 1]

  • Be Prepared pouch craft
    • Fun foam pouches, laced together with plastic lacing (gimp): inside put wipes, Bandaids, Contact Info


  • Opening Song - Fire’s Burning
  • Yogi Bear

Closing song