2.4 Clean Water

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  • In My Community
    • 3 - Water
    • 4 - Clean Water


Gathering Activity [In My Community - 3, 4]


      Opening song

      Spark Promise


      • Water [In My Community - 3]
        • Where does water come from? – the water we drink today is the same water that existed when the world began – it is always recycled in the water cycle.
        • Show water pictures – how does water get from the lake, river or reservoir into our taps?
        • Water needs to be purified!
        • All water is treated with chlorine and the mountain source water is also run through screens.  Our water in {this area} comes mostly from melted snow; it comes from the mountains to a reservoir.  Some extra water comes from wells (underground water).
        • How can we conserve water? – not leaving water running when brushing teeth, doing dishes; take shorter showers
        • Clean Water [In My Community - 4]
          • Importance of keeping water clean – plants and animals (and us!) depend on clean water to live.
          • What can we do to keep water clean?

        Song [In My Community - 3]

        • Sing a song about water – Little Green Frog (song book – just do frog, turtle, fish)

            Game [In My Community - 3]

              Game [In My Community - 4]

              • Across the creek
                • When we are at a creek we shouldn’t step in it, because we disturb the fish, birds and other wildlife.  We also stir up silt and make the water dirty.  Go across the stream only on the rocks!  Each girl gets two pieces of paper, each paper is a rock.  Only walk on the rocks!  Move one sheet ahead of the other to make it to the other side of the room.


                  • Frog in a pond hat craft


                    Closing song