2.2 Sparks Love Cookies

cookiesrising2cookiesrising1inmycommunitybeingasparkProgram Connections

  • Being a Spark
    • 6 - Additional Activities - uniform craft
  • In My Community
    • 7 - Be a Safe Cookie Seller
  • Cookies Rising


Gathering Activity


    • Draw a picture of yourself in a Sparks uniform [Being a Spark - 6]
    • Discuss the importance of looking clean and tidy. As a GGC representative, what should you be wearing as a uniform when selling cookies? [Cookie Rising]

    Opening song

    Spark Promise


    • Chocolately Mint Cookies [Cookie Rising – customer base]
      • We sell cookies twice a year to help pay for the fun things we do at Sparks, like crafts, outings, camping, and badges.
      • Chocolately mint in the fall & Classic in the spring.
      • Next week we will all sell cookies door-to-door at a cookie blitz, then choose one more event.
      • You can be a Cookie All Star if you choose to sell extra cases on your own. If you sell 7 cases (both chocolately mint & classic) you will get a crest! If you sell 15 cases, you get a crest AND a $20 gift certificate for Toys R Us.
      • It’s fun to sell cookies with our friends! But we need to be SAFE.
    • Cookie Safety [In My Community – 7] [Cookie Rising – safety]
        • Stand up and clap when you hear the correct ending…
          • Don’t go… to school / into a stranger’s house
          • Don’t go up to… a house door / a parked car
          • Don’t give out… change / personal information (name, address)
          • Don’t accept… money for the cookies / food, drinks or candy from strangers
          • Always sell cookies … alone / with a buddy or an adult


      • Ladders (cookie style)
        • Use this game to familiarize girls with new terms used during the cookie campaign. Line up an even number of girls sitting across from each other with their legs stretched out in front of them so that their feet touch. There should be a metre between each set of girls. Name each pair of girls (such as appears below). When a name is called, the two girls with that name jump up and leap over each of the girls legs above them on the ladder.
        • When they reach the top they run back down along the sides and start at the bottom until they come to their they come to their original positions. The first girl to sit down wins that round. Each name is called until all girls have had a turn. The team which wins the most rounds winds the game. Girls who are unable to participate can play the part of referees or callers. Here are some ideas for names. The girls can make up more if they wish.
        • Names for groups: Chocolately Mint, Cookie All Stars, Cookie Boxes, Customers, Blitz, Mall Sales, Dare


      • Cookie Dough! [Cookie Rising – creativity]
        • Ingredients: 1 L (4 cups) of flour, 250 ml (1 cup) of salt, Food colouring, Water to moisten [make in advance]
        • As you hand out the dough talk about Girl Guide cookies. What makes them yummy? How do you sell them? What do people say when you give them a cookie? Talk about some of the cookie selling or cookie events your Unit has had. Talk about what was fun and interesting about them.
        • Give the Sparks some dough. Girls can either work on their own or in groups of two or three. Ask them to sculpt their own Girl Guide cookie. Once complete, let those who wish to, share their cookies with the Unit.


      • Opening Song - Song: Fire's Burning
      • I Like Vanilla [tune= I Like the Flowers]
          I like vanilla,
          I love the chocolate mint.
          I like to dump them
          In a glass of ice-cold milk.
          I’ll eat the whole box,
          When all the lights are down.
          Boom-de-a-da, boom-de-a-da, boom-de-a-da, boom-de-a-da.
      • Girl Guide Cookie Song [tune = frère Jacques]Girl Guide Cookies
          Girl Guide Cookies
          Yum yum yum
          Yum yum yum
          Eat ‘em by the dozen
          Eat ‘em by the dozen
          They’re all gone!
          They’re all gone!

        Closing song