1.28 Sparks are Daring


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  • Being Healthy
  • Exploring and Experimenting

Girl Guides of Canada Challenge

  • Daring Book For Girls Challenge (from the National Website)

Gathering Activity

Opening song

Spark Promise

Challenge discussion [Being Healthy] [Daring Book for Girls Challenge]

  • Have a fun meeting playing tag! Try as many games as you can, and then talk about which ones you thought were the most fun and why.

Games [Being Healthy] [Daring Book for Girls Challenge]

Activity [Exploring and Experimenting] [Daring Book for Girls Challenge]

  • Read the “What you need” list from the below link and gather the items — but don’t read the directions yet! Can you figure out what everything is for and how it goes together to make a lamp? Talk about your ideas, then follow the directions to see if you were right!
  • Activity: Lamp, Lantern, Flashlight

Craft [Daring Book for Girls Challenge]


Closing song