1.15 Who Am I?

Being MeProgram Connections

    • Being Me
  • 2 - Spark Memory Book
  • 3 - Who Am I? (pets)
  • 4 - Who Am I? (carreers)
  • Who Am I? (bracelets)

Gathering Activity [Being Me - 3]

  • Glue pictures of our Spark friends into the memory books

Opening song

Spark Promise

Discussion [Being Me - 3]

  • Name as many pets as you can.  What are your favourite pets? If you could have any animal in the world, what would it be? Why?


Activity [Being Me - 4]

  • Act out career positions they might light to have when they grow up (for example: policewoman, doctor, lawyer, scientist, writer, athlete, astronaut, etc.)


Craft [Being Me]

  • Friendship Bracelets - we used beads and pipecleaners.  Make one for yourself, and one for a friend.


Note: We have now completed the Being Me Keeper badge.