1.14 It's All About Me!

Program ConnectionsshareandbeafriendBeing Me

  • Being Me
    • 1 - About Me
    • 2 - Spark Memory Book
    • 5 - Two Stars and a Wish

    Girl Guides of Canada Challenge

    • Sparks 20th Anniversary Share and Be a Friend Challenge
      • Being Me Keeper - 3


    Gathering Activity [Being Me - 2]


    • Label Memory Books (blank notebooks)
    • Glue Promise into Memory Book

    Opening song

    Spark Promise

    Discussion [Being Me - 5]

    • Two Stars and a Wish from the Spark Program Book - Have the girls name two things they've done that they really like and one thing they've never done that they would like to try.

    Activity [Being Me - 1] [Share and Be a Friend Challenge - Being Me - Personal Treasures activity]

    • Ask each girl to bring in something that is special to her. This could be a picture of her pet, a flag from her home country, a stuffed animal that she sleeps with, etc. Provide the girls a space to present their personal treasures and share why the item is special to them.
    • Why is the item special? Does she use it for her favourite sport or activity? Did she make it herselve or find it? What does it say about her?
    • Ask her if she associates the object with someone special. Does it make her happy?
    • Focus on what the object means to her, rather then the object itself.



    Craft [Being Me - 2]

    • Glue photos from enrolment into Memory Book
    • Have girls draw a picture of themselves doing a favourite Spark activity