1.7 Halloween Party (year 1)

Program Connections

  • This meeting is just for fun!

Gathering Activity

Opening song

Spark Promise


Game – Halloween Scene Bean Bag Toss

    • Get a large piece of cardboard or wood (if you have the tools) and create a Halloween scene involving ghosts, vampires or monsters at a house, graveyard or in the forest. You can have fun decorating it. Now you will also need to cut out holes for the bean bags to go through and assign point values to each hole. If all the holes are the same size the points should be the same for each hole. If the holes vary in size, then small holes would have higher point values and larger holes would have lower point values.

      Game – Eyeball Bounce

        • Take ping pong balls and decorate with markers to look like blood shot eyes. Then get a plastic pumpkin or party cups.
        • Now give each child an eyeball and place the plastic pumpkin or cup at the bottom of stairs or across the floor. Works best on wooden stairs and floors. Have each child toss or bounce the eyeball down the stairs or across the room. The goal is to see if their eyeball bounces into the pumpkin.
        • You can give a prize to those that get it in the pumpkin. Also for young kids, you may want to place 20 cups together and have each cup worth a secret prize. This increases the chance to get a prize and it makes the prize a complete surprise.


          Game - Halloween Walk

          • Form line on one side of room. Cross room in following ways: 1). Fly like a bat; 2) gallop like a cowboy on a horse; 3) hop like a bunny; 4) roll like a pumpkin; 5) dance like a princess; 6) creep like a cat; 7) walk like a skeleton; 8) float like a ghost; 9) stomp like a monster.