1.17 Healthy Eating Meeting (Being Healthy keeper - part 2)

Program Connections:beinghealthy

  • Being Healthy (although the activities do not specifically meet the program book descriptions, we believe that the activities at this meeting fulfill the spirit of the badge descriptions)
    • 1 - Healthy Snack Relay
    • 2 - Healthy Breakfast
    • 9 - Additional Activity - story about vegetablesBone Challenge - Nutrition

Girl Guides of Canada Challenge:

  • Bone Building Challenge - Nutrition
    • Nutrition Relay (the craft fulfills this portion of the challenge) - 300 points
    • Fishing for Calcium (snack relay fulfills this) - 200 points


Gathering Activity

Opening song

Spark Promise

Discussion [Bone Building Challenge - Nutrition]

  • Talk about healthy eating, and, to tie in with the Bone Building Challenge, also talk about foods with calcium and vitamin D, and how they help us to build strong bones.




Craft [Being Healthy - 2] [Bone Building Challenge - Nutrition]

Snack [Being Healthy - 1] [Bone Building Challenge - Nutrition]

  • snack relay from the Spark Program book

Story [Being Healthy - 9]

Closing song

Note: the girls have completed the Sparks Nutrition Bone Building Challenge by attending this meeting.