Game: Flying Hearts


  • Cut out about three dozen hearts out of red and pink construction paper.
  • Glue a red and a pink heart together back to back.
  • Old bed sheet.

How to Play:

  1. Put the special heart plus about three dozen plain hearts in the center of an old bed sheet.
  2. The children hold onto all sides of the sheet and gently toss the hearts up and down.
  3. At the shout of "Hearts high!" the children toss the sheet high into the air, making the hearts fly.
  4. First time playing - the child who picks up the special heart wins (don't tell them beforehand that there is a special heart).
  5. Second time playing - the child who picks up the most hearts wins.
  6. Third time playing - the children who pick up an even number of hearts wins.
  7. Last time playing - anyone who has picked up a heart wins (i.e. we are all winners!)