Game: Ship to Shore / Captain's Coming

  • 4 boundaries labeled Ship, Shore, Port, Starboard. This could be the 4 walls. (Substitute simpler terms if necessary, such as fore, aft, sea, deck, etc. or use pictures.)  Or bow, stern, port, starboard.

To Play:
Leader calls out a command and the girls run to that location.

  • Bow - run to the 'front' of the gym.
  • Stern - run to the 'back' of the gym.
  • Port - facing the 'front' of the gym, port is the left wall. Run to port.
  • Starboard - facing the 'front' of the gym, starboard is the right wall. Run to starboard.
  • Ladies dancing - girls dance
  • Man overboard - lie down and swim
  • Submarine - lie on back with one leg up
  • Captain coming - stand and salute
  • Swab deck - scrub floor
  • Man the Lifeboats (find a partner, sit together, and row)