Game: Blast Off

  • Have everyone sit in a circle on the floor. Select one player to start the game. The first person starts by saying, "10." The person to the left says, "9," and so on until you get to "1." The person who comes after 1 is the "Astronaut" and should get up when everyone else yells "Blast Off!"
  • The Astronaut walks around the outside of the circle and taps each seated child on the head, saying "Star" with each tap until he or she randomly decides to tap someone and say, "Comet!"
  • The Comet runs around the circle after the Astronaut, who tries to get to the Comet's vacated spot in the circle and sit down before the Comet tags him or her.
  • If the Comet does not catch the Astronaut before he or she sits in the vacated spot, then the Comet becomes the Astronaut and the game begins again with the new Astronaut starting the countdown by yelling out "10!" If the Comet manages to catch and tag the Astronaut before he or she sits down, then the Astronaut begins the next round by yelling out "10!" Play several rounds.