Game: Crazy Crow Tag

This game is from the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women challenge.

  1. Place rubber mats or masking tape squares on the ground. They will be identified as neutral zones. If you are playing the game outdoors, section off an area and identify the boundaries. Explain to the girls that the play area is a beautiful blue sky and the neutral zones are tree tops.
  2. Have one girl volunteer to be the Crazy Crow and all the remaining girls are Lovely Blue Birds.
  3. The girls move around the play area pretending to soar through the sky. Note: They must not walk on or hover around the neutral zones.
  4. Suddenly, the Guider shouts: “Here comes the CRAZY CROW!! Quick, blue birds! Find a tree top!”
  5. The one girl who is the crow runs in and attempts to tag someone while the girls must run to a neutral zone without being caught.
  6. If even only one girl is caught the game is over.
  7. The objective is for the girls to work together to try and fit all the Blue Birds on the neutral zones. As the game continues gradually take away one neutral zone at a time. This game shows the importance of working together as friends to avoid a bad situation.