Game: Stop, Drop and Roll

Ask Sparks to come up with situations where their clothes could catch on fire (reaching over a candle, getting too close to a campfire, etc.). Think of ways to avoid each situation they come up with. Explain to the Sparks that if they follow safe procedures, they won’t get into a situation where fiery things can hurt them. By practicing Stop, Drop and Roll, they can be prepared to put flames out quickly. Have each Spark demonstrate the correct procedure.
  1. STOP right away where you are. Running is not a safe choice because it will cause the flames to get worse.
  2. COVER your face and DROP to the ground at the same time. Covering your face and mouth with your hands will prevent flames from burning your face and smoke from entering your lungs.
  3. Now ROLL over and over and back and forth. This may take a while until the flames are out.
Cut out some flames from orange and red felt. Sparks walk around in a circle. The Guider places a felt flame on one of the girls. She must immediately Stop, Drop and Roll, while all other Sparks chant “stop, drop and roll, stop, drop and roll.” The flames will come off as she rolls on the floor.

The activity continues until each Spark has had a turn.