Game: Good Hygiene, Bad Hygiene

Call one end of the meeting room "good hygiene" and the other end "bad hygiene." Read the following sentences and ask the Sparks to run to the correct end for each, returning to the middle of the room before each new sentence.

  • Crystal washes her hair once a month.
  • Crystal brushes her teeth after every meal.
  • Crystal washes her hands after using the bathroom.
  • Crystal has a bath every month.
  • Crystal wears the same socks every day for a week.
  • Crystal takes a bath every other day.
  • Crystal sneezes into her bare hands.
  • Crystal uses tissue when she sneezes.
  • Crystal likes to put everything in her mouth.
  • Crystal chews on the ends of her pencils.
  • Crystal stays up really late at night.
  • Crystal goes to bed at 8:00 every night.
  • Crystal has never been to a dentist.
  • Crystal sees her dentist twice a year.