Craft: Band-aid Man


 *Piece of paper
 *Q-tips - 3 per girl
 *cotton ball
 *googly eyes

 *stick the band-aid onto the paper with one Q-tip underneath as the arms
 *glue on two more Q-tips for legs
 *glue a cotton ball at the top for a head
 *glue on two eyes
 *use marker to make a mouth on the cotton ball
 *decorate with markers
 Song(to the tune of the Spiderman theme)

Band-aid Man, Band-aid Man.
Does whatever a Band-aid can!
Covers cuts, keeps them clean.
Sticks on for as long as you need.
Look out!  Here comes the Band-Aid man!

 Is he strong? Listen, bud,
He keeps germs away from blood
He can stick to hands or feet
Keeping injuries clean and neat.
Hey, there! There goes the Band-aid man!

In the night, in the day,
He sticks on while you sleep and play.
Helps to heal your scrapes and cuts,
Even if you're a great big klutz!
He's great! And he is the Band-aid man!