Craft: Cookie Flowers

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  • A box of Girl Guide sandwich cookies
  • Heavy weight paper in hot pink, orange, blue, green, red, yellow and purple, white.
  • 8” wooden skewers
  • glue sticks
  • Tacky glue
  • templates


  1. Using a knife, carefully split cookie apart trying to keep the icing all on one half.  If the cookies break when you try to split them, put the tray of cookies into the microwave for a short time to soften up the icing.
  2. Dilute some tacky glue with a small amount of water and “paint” the outside of both cookie
    pieces. Let dry. (This helps to prevent the cookie from breaking.) OR apply a coat of clear spray varnish to cookies.
  3. Once they are dry, put some tacky glue on the inside of the cookies and glue the two halves back together with the wooden skewer between. Let dry.  I put the pointy end of the skewer between the cookies.
  4. Using the template, cut out one petal per girl in each colour. Cut out two of the leaves per girl from green paper using the leaf template.  Cut out one white circle poem per girl.
  5. Using glue sticks, glue the petals to the back of the circle poem, explaining how each colour represents a level of Guiding.
  6. Apply tacky glue to one side of the cookie, and attach the back side of the poem/flower to the cookie.
  7. Using a glue stick, apply glue to one of the leaves, and place it on the skewer.  Attach the other leaf to the first leaf, sandwiching the skewer between.