Craft: Peace Pins

This activity is designed by girls for girls! The colours of the beads represent the colours of the rainbow. They have meaning and symbolize how you can help make a peaceful world:

  • Red signifies the Courage to take action
  • Orange signifies the Energy to get involved
  • Yellow signifies Loyalty to your friends
  • Green signifies Hope for a future free from fear
  • Blue signifies Faith in yourself & Trust in others. “A true blue friend"
  • Indigo signifies Power & Dignity for all
  • Violet signified the Strength to stand up for what you believe
  • White signifies a wish for Peace.

Taken together the colours of the rainbow represent our hope for a peaceful, bully-free tomorrow.


  • Pick a safety pin (bigger pins are better).
  • String beads onto the pointed end of the pin. Create any colour scheme you like but try to use as many colours as possible to represent the rainbow theme.
  • Put as many beads on the pin as you can, leaving a little room at the end to allow the pin to go through fabric.
  • Wrap ribbon or coloured string around the back on the pin
  • Wear your creation as a token of peace and as a commitment to a bully-free tomorrow.
  • Give them out to friends and family. Ask them to make up a pledge for a bully-free tomorrow.