Craft: Bee Prepared Kit


  • Black film canister (or prescription pill bottle)
  • Yellow fun foam
  • Yellow pom-pom
  • Googly eyes
  • Brown chenille stem
  • Jewellery pin back
  • Glue gun & tacky glue


  • Cut two thin strips of yellow fun foam (about ½" wide) long enough to wrap around the film canister - glue them in place using the glue gun.
  • Cut wings (one piece - shaped like a big heart) and glue gun this onto the back of the film canister - at the location where the yellow strip ends meet. The wings should be positioned such that the bottom point of the heart is at the LID of the film canister.
  • Use a ball point pen to write "BEE" on one wing and "PREPARED" on the other wing - it is important to do this AFTER the wing piece has been attached, otherwise you may not see the words after gluing.
  • Glue gun the pom-pom to the BOTTOM of the film canister - NOT THE LID! You are making this whole bee such that the canister will be upside down. This is done so that when you open & close the canister you are not disturbing the pom-pom head. You can do it the other way, if you want, but I think you'll find that the pom-pom will fall off or get damaged from repeated handling.
  • Use the tacky glue to attach the googly eyes.
  • Bend the chenille stem and bury the point of the bend into the pom-pom top. Use tacky glue to secure in place.
  • Glue gun the jewellery pin back to the back of the wings.
  • Fill with: contact information, whistle, bandaids, safety pin, individually packaged wet wipe